On April 18th we organized another event called “Your Career at Amsterdam UMC”.

Raiza Hasrat (Research Policy Office) introduced the Postdoc Portal. A new initiative that is being set-up for postdocs. On the Postdoc Portal website there will be an overview of available courses that are relevant for postdocs, but also general research information, tips and FAQs will be added to the website. We discussed unmet needs for postdocs to help set-up the Portal in the most efficient way.

Hannerieke van der Boom (Research Policy Office) discussed the different career options at Amsterdam UMC, including different fellowships, the Tenure Track, and also provided information about becoming a PI.

Silvia Calpe (Research Grant Support) gave an overview of the different internal and extranal grants available, and for which grants RGS could help out. Grant planning and finding the right call were highlighted, and she gave some nice tips on how to increase your chances of obtaining a grant.

Jack Cairns (Communication Office) gave us a very nice introduction to the communication office of Amsterdam UMC. He explained the different departments within the communication office, and how to boost your PR as a scientist. When should you contact them? And what findings are news-worthy? Important, and very clearly explained.

Last but not least, we had a talk from Isabelle Wartelle (a Certified Career Coach and mentor, and also the head of RGS). She explained the importance of Career Coaching and Leadership training in academia. How to listen without judging, and how to recognize your strengths and drivers. This was a very good introduction to our next workshop: Academic Leadership (May 23rd, 2023), where Isabelle will also coach us to become Academic Leaders.

A very usefull event, and of course we had some interesting discussions over drinks afterwards!

P.S. If you would like to have the slides that were presented, feel free to contact us.