On June 15th 2022 we organized a Career opportunities event for Postdocs at Amsterdam UMC. The goal of this meeting was to:

1. Re-start the events organized by the Postdoc Network, Introducing the new Postdoc Network Board

2. Explain the different career tracks for postdocs at Amsterdam UMC (Hannerieke van der Boom, Research Policy Office)

3. Highlight grant opportunities for postdocs at Amsterdam UMC (Simone de Jong, Research Grant Support)

4. Discuss career options with Principal Investigators of Amsterdam UMC: Gerben Vader, Jeroen Guikema, Marit van Gils, Jan Willem Duitman

5. Getting to know other Postdocs over networking drinks!

It was a very informative afternoon, and especially the round table with the Principal Investigators (PIs) led to some interesting discussions on for example a tenure track and the balance between work and private life. We would like to thank all the presenters, PIs and participants and hope to see you during one of our next events!

The Postdoc Network Board